Next-G Nissan R36 GTR

Cun melecun kete ni....nanti aku kaye aku beli 2 bijik, 1 aku wat p keje n 1 lagi wife aku wat antar anak skolah...heheheheh..Kuar tahun 2013 jd sempat aku kumpul duit......
This comes as quite a surprise to me but it looks like the GT-R will receive a typical Japanese lifecycle of 5 years, to mirror Porsche’s lifecycle for the 911. Nissan’s global product planning VP has unveiled that an “R36″ Nissan GT-R will be coming by 2013.
The next generation R36 Nissan GT-R will use an evolution of the current Premium Midship platform with the engine mounted up front and a transaxle twin clutch gearbox mounted at the rear. The engine is expected to remain a force inducted V6 engine.

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  1. yang mna kn NEXT-G Nissan R36 GTR??yang hitam&putih itu ka?